J.R. International Canada Inc.

Nutcrackers are our specialty!

About Us

J.R. International Canada Inc. is a family run business that has been around for over twenty years. With a great focus on providing quality gifts and Christmas dιcor, J.R. International Canada Inc. has strived in providing its customers with the finest services and unique products available year after year.

Jim Dong is the sole proprietor and founder of the business since 1992 with the help of his wife Jenny. Through their hard work and dedication, the business has been a part of their lives in every aspect as Nutcracker enthusiasts.

J.R. International Canada Inc. envisions itself to remain for the years to come, as the operation of the business solely relies on the passion of Jim and Jenny.

J.R. International Canada Inc. is so specialized in nutcrackers

that has been known as one of the best suppliers of nutcrackers in North-America.



Written by: Henry Dong



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